What journalists are saying about the new 2015 Acura TLX

Published on August 18 2015

The 2015 Acura TLX has been garnering a lot of attention recently.

The 2015 Acura TLX is a Mix of Sportiness and Comfort that You Don't Want to Miss

The 2015 Acura TLX has been garnering a lot of attention recently. Offered in plenty of versions with a host of different technologies, as well as a combination of comfort, sportiness, fuel economy, safety and interior space, the TLX is the new kid on the block in the crowded entry-level luxury sedan market.

High Praise From the Media

We already published an article on the 2015 Acura TLX that you can read here. In the meantime, however, have a look at a few reviews published on the Acura TLX by leading automotive journalists.

A wide track, chopped rear end, reduced overhangs and lower roofline all contribute to making the TLX a sturdy, handsome and muscular looking sedan. The details are good as well; the Jewel Eye headlights, first seen on the RL and MDX SUV, come standard on all TLX’s. While the configuration divided opinions—both among journalists and consumers–when it first appeared on the MDX, it now appears that perhaps Acura was ahead of its time, as it looks fantastic on the TLX’s front fascia.

Inside, familiar Acura features return; you’ll find the same dual-screen infotainment set-up seen elsewhere in the line-up, but the central scroll wheel has thankfully been reduced so it no longer protrudes two inches from the centre console. It makes for a less cluttered centre stack.

Also reducing cockpit clutter is the addition of an electronic gear selector on V6 models; there’s an individual button for P, R, D and N, sitting nice and low on the transmission tunnel. That means there’s no pesky gearshift to snag a purse on, or to block easy access to the infotainment control wheel – EcoloDriver.com


All new for 2015, the TLX replaces both the TL and TSX sedans. The TL and TSX are both entirely enjoyable to drive, but this TLX takes this mid-size Acura four door formula in a different direction. While the TL had a distinct European vibe and the TSX was a more compact, sporting choice, the TLX comes off like Acura's interpretation of an American sedan.

It's those American qualities that make the TLX exceptionally plush, particularly with the large, comfortable front seats and generous space to make the front row feel absolutely voluminous. The TLX also has a very compliant ride and is exceptionally quiet, and in this way is more Buick than Acura.

However, this doesn't mean the TLX handles like an old school American car, because that couldn't be further from the truth. To me, given all of the hours I've spent behind the wheel of Honda race cars, there's the feeling of the same DNA underlying all of Acura's (and Honda's) automobiles, with a high level of driver feedback and control. The TLX has this, with its confident handling, precise steering, and exceptional brake feel and control. Handling is well above average for a front-wheel drive vehicle despite the less-blingy 17-inch wheels with their higher profile tires – TheAutonet.ca


From inside the car, the efforts of the TLX’s team of engineers has created a very honed and tuned ride. Drivers can expect to feel as though the suspension and body are carefully tuned to block unwanted noises and sensations from entering -- they’ll only hear the soft pitter-patter of tires over expansion joints and a subtle roar from the tires beneath. Near-nil levels of wind noise and carefully tuned suspension damping to filter out smaller and unwanted vibrations contribute to a relaxing atmosphere.

That’s all taken in from a cabin that’s typical Acura. There’s plenty of soft dash material with depth-y, swooping character lines, exposed stitching, and graceful curves of metal-plate accenting that flow down the centre console. If you’re coming out of a few-year-old Acura model, much of the materials and colours, and a good portion of the controls, will feel familiar.

The V6-powered TLX -- which is smaller overall than the TL before it, but just as big inside -- has a heavy, planted character to it, even when pushed. The TL was a solid, dense and creamy car, and the TLX maintains that -- while turning in a quieter ride than the outgoing unit and perhaps feeling a touch softer. The new engine is a little less furious-sounding when opened up, though just as snippy at high revs, the steering still clamps the thing to the driver’s selected line, and the suspension is, perhaps, a touch less busy on rougher surfaces. It’s much of what owners of the last-generation TL liked, but a little more up scale around the edges.

To learn more about the 2015 Acura TLX, contact us today at Camco Acura!

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