Toyota Service Management: Industry-Leading After-Sales Service

Mendes Toyota Scion | Published on May 05 2015

Toyota has put forth many certification programs in recent years that aim to recognize dealerships that distinguish themselves when it comes to customer service.

One of these certification programs is TSM, or Toyota Service Management, and is awarded to dealerships who have proven that they are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy their distinguished clients when it comes to after-sales services. Mendes Toyota is proud to have been awarded the Toyota Service Management certification, and we look forward to showing you just how we were able to receive this prestigious seal.

Those who have been coming to Mendes Toyota know that customer service is always the top priority, regardless of whether you are buying a new or used vehicle, or coming to our dealership for servicing. That’s why we are so proud to have been recognized by Toyota, and why we are now more motivated than ever to go beyond your expectations of what quality after-sales servicing should be.

The Toyota Service Management certification is inspired by the 4 Ps of Marketing, but adds another important component: Philosophy. The latter joins Product, Price, Promotion, and Productivity to bring together the elements that are necessary to adding value to the customer.

Starting with Philosophy, the goal of Toyota after-sales services will always be to fully commit to customer satisfaction and fixing their vehicles in a way that will ensure their satisfaction. In other words, Toyota and its TSM-certified dealers are committed to fixing your vehicle right.

The Product is at the core of customer satisfaction, and when that comes to after-sales maintenance and service, that means offering clients competitive, convenient, and high-quality service products. Price is also very important as they need to be competitive and fair, and above all offer tremendous value.

Promotion obviously means getting the word out that TSM is a mark of exceptional service from Toyota dealers like Mendes Toyota, but Production, the last P, means delivering on the promise of high-quality and efficient servicing.

When you bring these Five Ps together, the end result is exceptional after-sales service that will go above and beyond what you have come to know from repairing and servicing your vehicle. To learn more, please visit Mendes Toyota today!

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