Subaru AWD System: the Best AWD Technology Money can Buy

Published on August 24 2015

Subaru's symmetrical full-time AWD delivers power to every wheel, always, in any situation.

Subaru has been perfecting and fine tuning their symmetrical AWD technology for over 40 years. Their AWD system makes their vehicles safer on the road, more capable in any situation, and inevitably more fun to drive than any other AWD cars on the market.

Why Traction so Important

Traction is a major aspect of how well a vehicle accelerates, how it handles, and how it performs in tough road conditions. Not only is traction needed to optimize the general performance of your vehicle, but it also strongly contributes to safer driving. Under strong acceleration, the weight of the vehicle transfers to the rear, which can result in a loss of traction and trouble getting of the line with confidence. In slick or slippery conditions, FWD vehicles can suffer greatly because the front wheels are highly solicited in every regard from power delivery to cornering and braking. With all four wheels getting power, there is more grip, more predictable handling, better agility with greater control, and more balance. With all these benefits, the vehicle's occupants are not only safer, but the driver is more confident, and he or she will enjoy the drive that much more.

The secret is in the Symmetry

Subaru's symmetrical full-time AWD delivers power to the four wheels permanently, in any situation. It is always engaged and is therefore better equipped to handle unexpected circumstances compared to part-time AWD vehicles, or worst FWD and RWD models. Even when one wheel hits a slippery surface, all four wheels remain powered to maximize every opportunity for traction and increased levels of control. Some manufacturers adapt AWD systems on to existing vehicle designs, but Subaru's vehicles are designed around its renowned symmetrical AWD so that every component, from the engine to the transmission and suspension system, work in perfect synergy with the system. The result: the lightweight Boxer engine has a low center of gravity, and the lightweight and compact differential and transmission are perfectly positioned longitudinally along the centre line of the vehicle to help achieve near perfect balance side-to-side; smoother power delivery, and greater stability, especially in the corners.

All in all, not only is Subaru's AWD at the top of the food chain in terms of technology, but the symmetry of the system's components is key to delivering efficiency as the system provides power to all four wheels all the time for maximum traction, near perfect balance, and control, as mentionned previously.

 Come and see us at Ogilvie Subaru to learn about the benefits of Subaru’s symmetrical AWD system!

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