Honda vs. Toyota: Two Automotive Giants Serving Two Different Needs

Brockville Honda Powerhouse | Published on May 15 2015

When you get down to it, there aren’t huge differences between Toyota and Honda in terms of quality.

Both offer models that continually do very well in terms of sales, and who have proven their reliability time and time again.

On the other hand, there are significant differences in terms of the needs these two manufacturers, and more specifically the vehicles they offer, are able to meet. Toyota has often relied on its reliability and overall quality to set itself apart while Honda can also play the reliability and quality cards, but the automaker has also turned its attention to safety and performance to distance itself from it eternal rival.

In doing so, Honda has developed certain technologies while at the same time tweaking the personality of its vehicles in order to reach a balance between comfort, fuel economy and performance. Overall, Honda has done very well in achieving that balance, and the Japanese manufacturer can now boast that it offers certain features that Toyota simply cannot match. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Safety has always been a top priority for Honda, as it has been for Toyota as well. Honda, however, is a few steps ahead in terms of safety technologies that it can offer to consumers. One only needs to think of Honda’s patented LaneWatch system that uses a camera located underneath the right mirror that displays an image of the blind spot on the center screen. Honda also offers Honda Sensing technology on many of its models that includes a full suite of active safety technologies such as adaptive cruise control and forward collision alert.

These technologies are available on some Toyota vehicles as well, but overall Honda has the advantage when it comes to advanced safety. That has allows Honda to receive more Top Safety Picks from the IIHS (seven in total) than Toyota (six in total). Moreover, the Honda Civic, the most popular in Canada, is a Top Safety Pick while the Corolla from Toyota is not.


Honda has been introducing Earth Dreams to more and more vehicles in its lineup over the years. Simply put, Earth Dreams is a technology that makes Honda engines more fuel-efficient without taking anything away from performance.

Earth Dreams has been a huge advantage for Honda who can now let its owners have more fun behind the wheel without having to worry too much about what it will cost them at the pump. Moreover, Honda packs quite a bit of power into its engines, which in turn helps the automaker offer vehicles that are more fun to drive. We will get back to that shortly.

Overall personality

Actually, let’s get back to it now. We have said it before, both Honda and Toyota offer impressive quality and reliability. The main difference, however, between the two, is how Honda is able to pack a lot of fun into its cars while also offering comfort and fuel efficiency. 

Most automotive journalists and experts will tell you, Toyota vehicles are not exactly fun to drive. Even the manufacturer would tell you that. They are built around comfort. Honda vehicles also happen to be quite comfortable, but they also offer quite a bit of fun to their driver who is behind the wheel.

And that is probably where the subtle different lies. Honda vehicles are on the whole more balanced and offer a blend of everything buyers want, especially when it comes to vehicles like the Civic, Fit, CR-V, and Accord.

To learn more about what makes Honda vehicles stand out from the pack, contact us today at Brockville Honda!

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