2015 Subaru BRZ - Pretty in Blue

A Subaru without the manufacturer’s signature all-wheel drive system? Absolutely.

And it’s even got a BOXER engine. When driving a sporty Subaru means stepping out of rally racing and into drifting, you get the 2015 Subaru BRZ.

Developed in collaboration with Toyota, the BRZ is the latest addition to the Subaru lineup. Launched on the market in 2012, it has virtually kept the same look ever since. No mid-cycle refresh for this beauty. If the base version already is a looker, the higher trim levels offer a few additional perks to give it that extra personality, such as a trunk spoiler and red brake calipers. Available options include a variety of body modifications, from underspoilers to chrome and carbon fiber accents.

For 2015, the BRZ formula remains unchanged, even at the equipment level. Standard on the BRZ comes a complete infotainment system with GPS and Bluetooth connectivity, to get your groove on when hitting the road or when sliding your way down a curve at the circuit. With the Sport-tech Package or the Aozora Edition, you also get the push start button option and heated bucket seats. Add some leather trimmings for the look and the feel and that’s about as luxurious as the BRZ gets.

To the towering drivers out there, worry not; despite its sleek silhouette and its lowered cabin, the sitting comfort aboard the BRZ is not exclusive to shorter drivers.

Even without an endless list of electronic assists and safety features, the Subaru BRZ handles with a lot of precision. The steering teams up beautifully with the suspensions that might feel a little on the stiff side for urban driving, but that will make up for it on the road. Subaru has put together a vehicle that reminds you that you are in control and that driving can be a lot more than just going from point A to B.

Then, you add the front set up 2.0L, 4-cylinder BOXER engine, teamed with a rear-wheel drive layout and your choice of a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifts, optional on the base and Sport-tech package versions, and you are in for a quite a treat.

Whatever your plan is onboard the BRZ, from a casual drive on the highway to burning some rubber on the track, being at the wheel of this little sport coupe is sure to be a blast. Visit us at Ogilvie Subaru to give the 2015 Subaru BRZ a look and a drive. You might have a hard time giving back the keys.

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